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Answers To Commonly Asked Biblical Questions

The following are but a few of over 1000 questions answered from scripture in the QUESTION AND ANSWER STUDY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT.

  • Q. What happens to babies and little children when they die?
    A. Refer Scripture: Matthew 19:13-15

Is it incumbent upon every individual Christian to preach the gospel?
(ref study Mt 28:19-20)

What is the significance of water baptism and who is authorized to do it?
(ref study Mt 28:19-20)

Was Jesus eternally the Son of God or did He become the Son at His incarnation?
(ref study Lu 1:35b)

If Jesus is the only way to salvation what happens to all those who have never heard about Him?
(ref study Ac 4:10- 12b)

Is "Good Friday" scriptural?
(ref study Ac 12:4)

What is the difference between the judgement seat of Christ and the great white throne judgement?
(ref study Ro 14:10- 12)

What was Paul's thorn in the flesh?
(ref study 2 Cor 12:7)

Is tithing obligatory for New Testament Christians?
(ref study Ga 6:7-8)

Is the present-day church biblically structured?
(ref study Eph 4:11-12)

Must Christians be prepared to give up everything for Christ?
(ref study Php 3:7-11)

Has the Old Testament been completely abolished?
(ref study Col 2:14)

Is the "rapture" scriptural - if so when will it take place: pre, mid, or post-tribulation?
(ref study 1Th 4:13-18)

Does scripture permit women to be ordained to public office in the church?
(ref study 1 Ti 2:8-15)

Can Christians lose their salvation?
(ref study He 10:26-31)

Are heaven and hell literal places?
(ref study Rev 14:9-11)

Is the church really the bride of Christ?
(ref study Rev 21:2)

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(Last Updated 11/04/2009)